“A Monster, Huh?”

Kirishima heard a knock at his door. He delivered one last parting blow to the punching bag and walked to the door. He leaned against it, smiling to himself. 

“Password?” He called through.

He heard his boyfriend sigh. “Red Riot, Future Number One Hero.”

“Why, if it isn’t my dear Kaminari, come to visit!”

Kaminari groaned playfully. “Just lemme in already!”

Kirishima giggled as he opened the door, pulling the electric hero in for a quick kiss before tossing him gently onto the bed.

“W-woah! Eager, huh?” Kaminari chuckled as the red-haired hero straddled his waist. 

“Am I not allowed to miss my boyfriend~?” With that, Eijiro collapsed onto Kaminari, snuggling up close to him. 

Denki smiled as he held the red-haired hero close. “Whatever, cutie!”

They cuddled like that for a while, talking about nothing significant. Kirishima and Kaminari’s conversations were always as aimless as they were scatterbrained, quickly jumping around from one topic to another. Eventually, their ramblings died down, and silence filled the room. Kirishima was the one to finally say something.

“Hey, Kaminari?”


“Are you ticklish?”

Every muscle in Kaminari’s body tensed up. Truth be told, he was indeed ticklish, embarrassingly so. Yet, in his arms at that very moment was Kirishima, Class 1-A’s infamous tickle monster, who had wrecked most of their classmates at some point or another. He clamped his mouth shut tighter when he felt Eijiro tapping his fingers against his sides idly.

“I’m waiting, Kami~.”

To get out of this situation, Denki would have to think fast, and think fast he did. He let off a quick electric shock to his boyfriend, nothing more painful than a static shock from a doorknob, purely to catch Kirishima off-guard, allowing him to escape. He ran out the door, taking off down the hallway like a lightning bolt.

“Oh, now you’re in for it! I’m gonna wreck your shit, Pikachu!!” Kirishima ran after his boyfriend, staying close on his heels. 

“No, no, no!! Lemme go!!” Despite his pleas for mercy, anticipatory giggles began spilling out of him. 

“Hey, Kirishima! Whatcha up to?” Eijiro looked off to his side and saw Sero running beside him to his left. 

“This punk needs tickles! Care to help me out a bit?”

“Oh, it’d be my pleasure! Anything to help you cut someone down to size!” Sero sent out a quick blast of tape, which ensnared Kaminari’s leg, stopping him in his tracks. He hopped on one foot goofily, trying to shake the tape off. 

“No, no! That was a dirty trick!” 

Sero smiled and gave a hard tug to the tape, making Kaminari spin right into Kirishima’s arms. “Why, thank you very much, Sero! I owe you one!”

“No need! Have fun with him, Kaminari!” He walked away, happy to have helped out.

“Say thank you to Sero for helping me~” Kirishima teased, nibbling softly on Kaminari’s neck.

“AH-! OKAHAY-!! Thahank youhuhuhuhu, Sehehheehero!!!”

“Good boy~! Now let’s get back to my room, yeah~?” Eijiro carried the electric hero back to his room, holding him tightly despite his vain wriggling. He laid him down on the bed, straddled his waist, and pinned his arms under his knees. “I hope you know that I’m not gonna go easy on you, dear~.”

“Youhuhuhu vihihihhillahain!”

“You must clearly not want mercy, huh~?” With that, Kirishima scribbled at Kaminari’s soft belly. The electric hero squealed and began cackling loudly. 


“Nuh uh~! You had your chance! You could have just answered my question, but no, you had to use your quirk on me! How rude~!”


“Oh, I forgive you, dear! I still gotta tickle you, though~.”


“No fingers~?” Kirishima giggled. “Very well! I won’t use my fingers~!” He leaned down and placed dozens and dozens of kisses on his boyfriend’s belly, making him blush as red as his hair. 


“So picky~! I’m not going to listen to you if you’re just gonna say that you don’t like these tickles, because I can tell that you love them~! You haven’t told me to stop yet, after all~!”

Kaminari blushed even more and stammered out an excuse through giggles. However, those were swiftly replaced by cackles when his boyfriend’s kisses turned to cheeky nibbles. 

“EHEHEHEHEHEHEIJIHIHIRO!!!!” Denki squealed and writhed around on the bed, trying desperately to escape Kirishima’s dastardly nibbling. 

“Omnomnomnomnom!!” the red-haired hero teased as he very gently nibbled and kissed all over the sensitive skin. 

“YOUHUHU’RE AHAHAHA MOHOHOHHOHONSTER!!!” Kaminari covered his face with one hand, using the other to try to push his boyfriend’s head away. 

“A monster, huh~?” Kirishima placed a big raspberry on his belly button. 


“Ooo~! You love raspberries, huh~? Do they make ya feel all tingly inside?


“Oh, yeah! That makes sense!” Kirishima raspberried repeatedly, not letting up until Kaminari’s laughter got wheezy and tears were falling down his cheeks.

“Okay, okay, I’ll let up, cutie!” Kirishima got out of his shirt and spooned his boyfriend close, not stopping the tickles entirely. He gently traced hearts, smiley faces, and lightning bolts on his belly. “Didja like that~?”

“M-mhmhm!” Kaminari giggled as he nodded, nestling into Kirishima’s strong arms. 

“Aww~! You must be sleepy after all that, huh~?” 

“Y-yeheahh…” Kaminari yawned.

Something suddenly popped into Kirishima’s head, and he stopped the tickling. “Hey, by the way, why did you come in here at first?” 

“Oh, yeah! Thank you for reminding me!” The electric hero turned around and held Kirishima close, kissing him softly. “Just needed a kiss from ya!” 

They giggled, and Kirishima joked, “Well, I think you got a bit more than you bargained for, Pikachu~!” 

Kaminari yawned as he nestled his head under his boyfriend’s chin. “I’d say so…”

Kirishima melted at the sight of Kaminari looking so cute. “Goodnight, dear~. Sleep well~,” Kirishima said soothingly. He rubbed the electric hero’s back, kissing the top of his head and gently nuzzling his face in the soft yellow hair. 

“Night, Kiri…” Needless to say, Kaminari had very, very tickly dreams that night.